A crown is a custom-made covering that fits over an original tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. New technologies have greatly reduced the time needed to make strong, natural-looking crowns. Once the procedure is completed, proper care should be taken to ensure the crown remains in good condition and the teeth and gums are healthy. Given proper care, your crowns can last a lifetime!

Veneers and Metal-free crowns can restore severely stained teeth.

crowns_before1.jpg crowns_before2.jpg
crowns_after1.jpg crowns_after2.jpg
cbefore1.jpg cbefore2.jpg
cafter1.jpg cafter2.jpg

Restoring one or two teeth to match surrounding natural front teeth is one of the most challenging things in dentistry. We replaced a poor matching crown with a new metal-free crown which blends right in.

veneersbefore.jpg veneersafter.jpg
Before After

A tooth darkened over time. To restore its beauty a porcelain veneer was made.

*All treatment performed by Dr. David Brown